Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA is an architectural approach for designing and developing a web application. In this approach, an application uses services available over the network via communication calls or requests.

  • SOA includes a set of design principles that structure system development while providing means for integrating components into a unified and decentralized architecture.
  • It allows developers to merge a considerable amount of facilities from existing services to the application.
  • In SOA, resources are packages as “services”, that are self-contained and well-defined modules that offer standard business functionality and are independent of the context or state of other services.


The concept of Enterprise resource planning systems came into existence for eliminating inefficiencies and miscommunication-related issues in organizations. The old inefficient processes are also evolved during the analysis because an ERP designed to perform inefficient processes will still be inefficient. However, decision-makers feel overwhelmed by dazzling new features offered by different ERP solution providers which often leads them to make wrong decisions on vague fundamentals.

How to Avoid 10 Common ERP Implementation Mistakes?

This blog intends to help them with a simplified matrix of bullet-pointed issues which can be focused upon to develop an ERP solution that delivers best-in-class business value. …

After the emergence of the CRM tools over the last couple of decades, Salesforce had a very long journey to become the most popular and cloud platform. The enterprise solutions by Salesforce are continuously evolving and rapidly growing. Salesforce offers CRM now and various solutions for marketing, finance, HR, business intelligence, customer service, and so on. Salesforce is continuously advancing step by step in its aim to become a one-stop-shop for enterprises by covering the entire gamut of business management.

Technology has become more advanced, and organizations are more reliant on Salesforce for quicker development and frequent releases of applications…

Everyone requires a strong relationship with customers to grow their business. But getting more customers, building your bottom line and scaling operations need investment in ideal concepts. Having an all-in-one CRM system will give you visibility of the customer from every angle to focus resources in the cleverest way possible. The CRM will help you manage your customers and potential customers while enabling you to focus on your business growth.

But exactly what is a CRM and how can you choose the right one for your business. Let’s get into it.

What is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool that…

If you are going to use a relational database management system for your enterprise DBMS operations, then here are some things you need to consider in terms of choosing an ideal RDBMS while ensuring the optimum performance of your database applications. Without further ado, let us understand the things we should avoid for our RDBMS.

Think Twice Before Coupling These Elements With RDBMS

What are the top 10 Things you should avoid doing with Relational Database Management System? Here us the list of top 10 Things you Should Never do With aTo Avoid Using with RDBMS.

1. Search

Even the most sophisticated Oracle database, you may not Oracle Text the…

Web development has been going through major changes since the popularity of the internet for commercial use has come into view. Modern web development has become a polarizing experience for every person where some love it while others despise it. Those who have admired the idea of modern web development have learned the way it works. In order to stop hating its presence, one needs to know about the workflow and elements that are used for the development of the modern web.

Workflow of Modern Web Development in 2021

Nowadays, web developers get the code from their local machines and deploy it to the servers so that…

For years, Java development has been dominated by three leading IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans. But we have other suitable opportunities. Among many talented multilingual code editors, Visual Studio Code has proven to be an outstanding product with exceptional Java support. VS Code also provides world-class support for other technology stacks, including front-end JavaScript frameworks, Node.js, and Python.

Building a Java Application in Visual Studio Code in 2021

Should Visual Studio Code be your following Java IDE? This article describes using Visual Studio Code to create an enterprise Java back end with Spring and connect to the Svelte JavaScript front end.

Set up Spring Boot

To build with this tutorial, you must have…

Banking future

Like businesses everywhere, banks need to continue embracing emerging technologies while adapting and evolving business models to put customers at the forefront of their strategies. From online check deposits to money transfers and everything in between, banks must keep up with the times to keep their customers happy and loyal to their brand. After all, banking years from now will look different than it does today.

Banks will continuously face changing consumer expectations, innovative technologies, and new business models, all of which will result in better strategies to prepare for banking in ten years. …

No company can operate without data in modern times. With large volumes of data being created each second from transactions, customer logs, sales figures, and company stakeholders, data is the key fuel that steers a company forward. All these inbound data collects into piles and forms a huge set of data known as Big Data.

Big Data needs to be evaluated and analyzed for improving decisions for the business. However, some key issues are revolving around this data that companies face regularly. These challenges include the quality of data, its storage problems, the dearth of professionals skilled in data science…

Monitoring systems become a critical thing for having a robust system running in production. But moving to microservices can break the monitoring strategy as traditional methods alone cannot connect performance and dependencies across the distributed architecture. It also leads to an increase in your mean time to resolution (MTTR).

It is essential to monitor microservices as the increased complexity of software can make it difficult to understand the performance and troubleshooting problems. A robust monitoring system will allow you to gather metrics from infrastructure and services while using those metrics to gather insights from the operation of the system.


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