Apache Druid vs Apache Pinot

Similarities between Apache Druid & Apache Pinot

Comparison of Apache Druid and Apache Pinot

Segment Management in Druid

  • Less stored data in ZooKeeper: Data in ZooKeeper consists of minimal information about mapping segment id to the query processing nodes list where the segment is loaded. The remaining data like a list of data metrics, dimensions, and size of the segment is stored in the SQL database.
  • Old Data Retrieval: After the eviction of old data segments from the cluster, the metadata about them is removed from ZooKeeper and the rest of the data segments are offloaded from the query processing nodes. But these old data segments are not removed from deep storage and SQL databases, allowing easy data retrieval in case data is required for reporting.

Segment Management in Pinot

Pluggable Druid and Opinionated Pinot

Pinot’s Predicate Pushdown

Pinot’s Better Data Format and Query Execution

Druid’s Smarter Segment Assignment Algorithm



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