A Guide To Apache Kafka

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Apache Kafka — An Event Streaming Platform

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  • Subscribe and publish record streams.
  • Impactfully store record streams in the order of generated records.
  • Process recorded streams in real-time.

Apache Kafka Fundamentals

  • Topics
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  • Partitions
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  • Topic Replication
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  • Offsets
  • Producers
  • Consumers
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  • Brokers

Core APIs of Apache Kafka

  • Admin API: It is used to inspect and manage brokers, topics, partitions, and other objects in the Kafka cluster.
  • Producer API: With this API, one can permit an application to publish/send record streams to one or more topics in the Kafka cluster.
  • Consumer API: It enables applications to read/subscribe to data streams and process them in the Kafka cluster.
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  • Kafka Stream API: With Kafka Stream API, one can implement stream processing microservices and applications. In addition to stateful operations and transformations, it offers a high level of functionality to process streams. The stream API enables transforming data from input to output topics.
  • Kafka Connect API: The connect API in the Kafka cluster is used to implement connectors that regularly pull and push source data either into the Kafka stream or some data flow system.
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When To Use Apache Kafka

  • Website Activity Tracking
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  • Log Aggregation
  • Event Sourcing
  • Messaging
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  • Stream Processing
  • Metrics

Apache Kafka Business Benefits

  • Acting as a Buffer to Stop System Crash
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  • Reducing Multiple Integrations
  • Real-Time Response
  • Data Accessibility
  • Higher Throughput

Putting Apache Kafka into Action

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