Best Practices for Secure Coding

Best Practices for Secure Coding

What is Secure Coding?

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Why Use Secure Coding Techniques?

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  • Failure to identify requirements of security upfront.
  • Errors in conceptual designs.
  • Technical vulnerabilities are introduced due to poor coding practices.
  • Implementing the software improperly or introducing errors during maintenance or updates
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Top Secure Coding Checklist

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  • Input Validation
  • Authentication
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  • Password Management
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  • Access Control
  • Error Handling
  • Data Protection
  • Communication Security
  • System Configuration
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  • Database Security

General Coding Practices

  • Always use tested and approved codes rather than unmanageable code.
  • Do not allow the app to directly issue commands to the operating system using initiated command shells instead use task specified APIs that conduct tasks related to the OS.
  • To verify the integrity of libraries, interpreted codes, configuration files, and executables use hashes or checksums.
  • Protect shared resources and variables from ill-suited intersecting access.
  • Don’t pass user-provided data to a dynamic function.
  • Users should not be able to alter existing code or develop new ones.
  • Review all third-party code, applications, and libraries to ensure safe functionality and business necessity.
  • Use cryptographic signatures for code in case of automatic updates and determine signature verification by clients.
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