How Docker Container Works?

Docker Architecture

  • Docker Client
  • Docker Daemon
  • Docker Desktop
  • Docker Registries
  • Docker Objects
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Containers

How Docker Works?

  • If you don’t have the local ubuntu image, Docker will pull it from the configured registry.
  • Docker will create a new container.
  • As a final layer, Docker will allocate a read-write filesystem to the container allowing a running container to build or edit files and directories in the local file system.
  • A network interface will be created to connect the container to the default network.
  • Then the container will be started and /bin/bash executed by Docker. As the container is attached to the terminal and running interactively, you can give input using the keyboard while the result is logged to the terminal.
  • To terminate the /bin/bash command, you can type exit and the container will stop.

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