How to Reduce ReactJS App Maintenance Cost

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What is ReactJS?


Aspects Causing High Maintenance Cost of ReactJS App

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  • App Complexity: Complicating the React app by adding unnecessary functions and features can increase the maintenance cost.
  • Third-Party Add Ons: Integrating several third-party add-ons that without which the app can work perfectly can also become heavy maintenance that can lead to high updates and upgrade costs.
  • Unclear Documentation: If the developers will have no clear idea of the structure of the product, it will become harder to maintain the web app leading to increased cost of maintenance.
  • Wrong Outsourcing Partner: Outsourcing companies with little to no experience in developing the ReactJS app can create a huge burden on the budget you have for its development.
  • Wrong Approach to Development: If you are not sure whether you want to go for a logical, functioning, object-oriented, or imperative programming approach to developing the app, every update can also increase the maintenance cost easily.
  • Outdated Version of Technology: Using outdated technologies can lead to errors and bugs in React Apps that are difficult to detect and debug, resulting in higher maintenance costs.

Best Ways to Reduce Maintenance Cost of ReactJS App

  • Use Structured JavaScript
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  • Maintain Code Quality
  • Create Clear Documentation
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  • Responsive Approach
  • Impact New Features Can Have
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  • Add Code Testing Tools
  • Maintenance Support
  • Version Upgrade
  • OutSource Experience Professionals
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