Microservices States, Scalability, and Streams

Microservices States, Scalability, and Streams

Shifting from Monolithic to Microservices

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Challenges in Microservices

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  • When you don’t take precautions, your business logic can leak all over the place, and clients will know a great deal about the internal workings.
  • With the increasing complexity in architecture, making changes can become riskier, requiring you to run continuous tests on these services together, if you aren’t careful.
  • The biggest challenge a developer can face that also slows down the development in many companies is the need to convince others to connect with them if they have something to add to the application.
  • Another most annoying challenge one can face is the need to serialize and deserialize JSON on every hop, and open and close HTTP connections on almost anything, increasing latency.

What Can We Improve in Microservices?

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  • API Gateway
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  • Service Mesh
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  • Sidecar Proxy
  • Kafka for Data Streams
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  • Event-Driven System
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Stateful Streaming in Microservices

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Schema in Microservices

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Serverless Microservices

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